Lost and Found

Have you lost something while riding a local trail? If we find it, we’ll do our best to get it back to you — assuming it has personal identification information on it.

Typically any items found will be taken to the appropriate local office as described below.

Feel free to contact the trails hotline to inquire about lost items by calling 319-621-4911. If we know of an item that was found, we’ll keep a record of what the item was and what local office it was taken to.

Coralville Lost and Found

The City of Coralville has designated the public transit office as the agency responsible for lost and found items. Find out more by calling 319-248-1790.

University of Iowa Campus Lost and Found

Items lost on campus should be directed to the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety Lost & Found for retrieval. Lost and Found can be reached via phone at 319-384-2797 or email: lost@uiowa.edu.