Trails Hotline

Call 319-621-4911

Overview. This site is a great resource for those who are new to the area, or those who’ve been around for a while, but never got out to explore the local trails.

  • Trails Hotline. Want help navigating local trails? Feel free to call the trails hotline at 319-621-4911.
  • Guided Tours. New to the area? Or, just starting to explore area trails? Contact us for a free guided tour!
  • Live Navigation Support. We can offer real-time live support by phone or vidoe call providing you with navigation and tips.
  • Custom Mapping. Not sure where to begin with the local trails? We’ll customize a map for you. Just choose the time, miles, terrain, trail preference, and level of intensity. We’ll do the rest. Your custom map will be posted to our site and in some cases may even include videos of the trails so you know where you’re going. Request your Personalized Trail Guide today.

Bike Trails Map Video Tour

This video offers a narrated guided tour of bicycle trails using Google maps.

Riding Video Introduction

The video below offers a brief introduction to trails in the Iowa City Coralville area using the Iowa River Power Company as a starting point. For more videos visit





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